A Point of Truth

"We are storied folk. Stories are what we are; telling and listening to stories is what we do." - Arthur Kleinman

This is a place for writing.

  • Between Silences

    Between Silences

    Between Silences

    Between silences,
    The tongue dances wild to fill the void.
    Berry-stained lips open and close with the
    Urgent, urgent news of action-not-inaction.

    Between silences,
    Hands gesture sporadically to the self and other.
    The body angles, striking poses that grab
    Attention! Attention!It went just like this.

    Between silences,
    Eyes dart dilated in verbal pleasure,
    Sensory overload in the taste of teeth, bite of
    Breath-breath-air too hot to savor.

    Between silences,
    We strain to flood the earth,
    Ensure existence by refusing to stop and
    Shh, shh, listen to vouchsafed possibilities.

    Yet it is in silence
    That truth is strongest,
    That youth is longest,
    That love is maintained,
    And hate is contained.
    That the noisy traffic of word vomit gives way to glimmering
    Drip-drops of wisdom. 

    Summer 2009.